Zenergy is a Health & Beauty Salon located in one of Dublins finest locations of course it has to be Fade street.
We facilitate our clients with sports treatments, massage, physiotherapy and how could we forget our health & beauty care.

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Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic Drainage Massage   Lymphatic Drainage Massage is a detoxing treatment which follows the body’s lymphatic system. A lymphatic drainage massage consists of a very light pressure and long, gentle strokes to increase lymphatic flow which aims to drain the toxins out of the body. it is used as a Cellulite reduction …

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Dermalogica, Image & Lycon Waxing Specialist – Jean

Facial and Waxing Expert Dublin – Jean has over 12 years experience as a skin care therapist and has a passion for skin that cannot be thought. She has the knowledge and experience to carry out fantastic facials and peels and is dedicated to seeing results through correct product usage and home care.

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